Tour Overview

Escape to Glacier National Park on this one-of-a-kind adventure into the Rocky Mountains of Montana We’ll explore the mountains, glaciers, lakes, and alpine wilderness of these delicately preserved regions aboard the Expedition Cruiser. Take in the fresh alpine air amongst wildflowers and lush landscapes on this Rocky Mountain Adventure with National Park Travel Club.

For those continuing from the Yellowstone Tour, you will already be on the Expedition Cruiser, but for those arriving in Kalispell to start your Glacier National Park vacation, the Expedition Cruiser will arrive by 5:00 pm.

Lake McDonald


Dinners: 3

Lunches: 3

Breakfasts: 3

3 Nights Luxury Lodging

Under Canvas Glamping near Glacier National Park

Under Canvas Glamping near Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake McDonald Lodge

  • In-transit beverages including beer, wine, soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea.

  • In-transit appetizers and desserts.

  • Fresh fruit and sweet and salty snacks.

  • Driver Guide, and Hospitality Guide.

  • Walking sticks and binoculars are available for guests.

  • Transportation on the luxury Expedition Cruiser.

  • Trip Insurance

  • Transfers to and from the airport.

A big part of travel means tasting great meals that capture the culture and flavor of the region. Our culinary inclusions cover all your meals and drinks while on vacation with us. We utilize fresh local ingredients and every meal is prepared to your liking. Your flex pass is loaded with money for meals where we dine at the finest local establishments to truly immerse in the region’s culture.

In transit refreshments, snacks, appetizers and specialty cocktails included.

Meals will be prepared in the field by your Hospitality Guide. These are custom made to order gourmet meals. You value spending time in the landscapes viewing the wildlife and wonders. No need to rush off for reservations or worry about waiting in long lines.

All attractions included in the itinerary.

  • Columbia Falls
  • Glacier National Park
  • Lake McDonald
  • North Fork
  • Logan Pass
  • Two Medicine
Glacier and Banff National Parks
Glacier and Banff National Parks

Additional Attractions

  • Many Glacier
  • Goat Haunt
  • St Mary
  • Western Alpine Red Bus Tour
  • Lake McDonald Boat Cruise

Day 1: McDonald Falls, Welcome Dinner on Lake McDonald

Premium Lodging: Lake McDonald Lodge or Under Canvas Glacier Glamping 

The Expedition Cruiser will pick you up from the Glacier International Airport by 5:00 pm. We’ll continue into Columbia Falls before entering through West Glacier. Due to the narrow roads and rock overhangs, vehicle regulations prohibit the Expedition Cruiser from entering major areas of the park. Luckily there are several shuttle options, including guided bus tours, hiking shuttles, and the free Glacier’s Going-To-The-Sun-Road Shuttle System with stops on the west side of the park. We will head towards McDonald Falls aboard a hiking shuttle. Here, you may hike the 0.7 miles to the cascading falls or embark on a longer route to a surrounding lake. Either way, you’ll have ample options to stretch out your legs before we go to Lake McDonald Lodge. We’ll eat dinner at favorite scenic outlook of Lake McDonald before boarding a guided evening boat tour on Lake McDonald. For those who will be staying at the lodge, the evening is yours to enjoy. For those who will be glamping with Under Canvas, the Expedition Cruiser will escort you to your accommodations.

Lake McDonald

Day 2: West Side Scenic Red Bus Tour and The West Side of Glacier National Park

Premium Lodging: Lake McDonald or Under Canvas Glacier Glamping

We’ll rise early to begin our exploration of the west side of the park on a scenic Red Bus Tour.  The tour starts in cedar and hemlock forests that lie within the Lake McDonald Valley. We will traverse the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road to the high alpine region of the park and stand on top of the Continental Divide. We will discover incredible mountain ranges, glaciers, waterfalls, and wildflowers along the way as we move along the glacially carved Garden Wall.  After our famous Red Bus Tour, your National Park Travel Club guide will provide trail maps and an overview of the west side of the park and escort you as you navigate regions such as Lake McDonald, Logan Pass, and North Fork – all of which boast breathtaking views of the park.  After a full day of exploration and fun, we will return to the banks of Lake McDonald for relaxing evening.

Red Bus Tour Glacier National Park

Red Bus Tour Glacier National Park

Day 3: East Side Exploration

Premium Lodging: Lake McDonald or Under Canvas Glacier Glamping

Today you will see Two Medicine, Many Glacier, Goat Haunt and St Mary as we explore the East Side of Glacier National Park.  The wildflowers, waterfalls, lakes and wildlife will take your breath away while the trail systems provide safe access to these wonders.  The park also provides guided boat tours on Lake McDonald that can be scheduled for any day that we are in the park.


Saint Mary Lake

Day 4:  Lakeside Brunch Farewell

This morning please have your luggage ready to be loaded onto the Expedition Cruiser. Your guide will be taking the group on a morning hike to some of the destinations that the group has not seen yet, but the purpose of the morning is to take relaxing strolls and soak in our last moments in the park.  Our Chef will provide a farewell brunch for those that don’t have to leave earlier, and we will spend our last day in this majestic wonderland with good food, good friends and the serenity of the national treasure called Glacier National Park.

Banff National Parks

Banff National Parks

Available Dates

June 21 -24, 2020

July 8 – 11, 2020

July 13 -16, 2020

August 3 – 6, 2020


Double Occupancy: $1,713
Triple Occupancy: $1,575
Quad Occupancy: $1,499
Single Occupancy: $2,163

Deposit at time of booking: $550 Per Person

Your all-inclusive adventure will include the following:

Why 4 days vs 7 days?

Our 7-day adventure includes Banff National Park, and the 4 day does not, but guests should fully understand what to expect on this 4-day trip.

There is a difference between long days in the park and exhausting days in the park.  The Expedition Cruiser is the prescription for exhaustive days that take all your energy away.  We will leave daily around 8 am and not return until around 8 in the evening, but the pace of travel is designed to preserve time, energy and to not feel rushed.  This allows guests who have limited time or budget to travel to feel like they missed something on a shorter vacation.

Restrooms and Parking

  • Our Chef will prepare all three meals a day plus all the snacks, desserts, and refreshments.  There is no need for long lines at restaurants, limited menus with mediocre offerings, and slow service. The time we spend in the park is efficient and considerate of our guests’ individual needs.  Blood sugar levels are maintained throughout the day with timely, drinks, fresh fruit, tasty fresh snacks and all meals served in scenic locations. Meals will be made to order and meet the needs of those who have food allergies, or other dietary restrictions.  
  • The Expedition Cruiser is equipped with a spacious restroom with two stations for hand washing and freshening up.  
  • The National Park provides nice restrooms but are sometimes spaced out over long distances.  These rest breaks also often have very long lines so after a long stretch of “holding it”, travelers are often expected to “hold it” another 20 to 30 minutes.  Not easy to do when you are staying hydrated at 7,500 feet of elevation.
  • The Expedition Cruiser can take advantage of bus parking which is at the front of every stop.  When there is no parking available, the guide can get off with the guests, and then the Expedition Cruiser will return when they are radioed by the Guide.  This saves a lot of time and enables our guests to seize the moment when an animal sighting is available.


There are two options while on the Glacier National Park Tour.  

  • Lake McDonald Lodging

Lake McDonald Lodge

These charming and historic main lodge rooms feature one queen bed and a 3/4 bath with shower only. These rooms are located on the second or third floor above the lobby of Lake McDonald Lodge (accessed via stair only/no elevator), and although they are close to the waterfront, these rooms do not offer any lake views.

  • Under Canvas Glamping
Under Canvas Glamping near Glacier National Park

Under Canvas Glamping near Glacier National Park

For those that want an authentic experience with some fancy camping, this is it.  At time of booking, your Tour Specialist will see if there can be saving by choosing this option.  It depends on the date and how many people are on the tour.

These spacious cabin-style tents will accommodate two adults and two children, with a king-size bed and two camp cots. These tents come well equipped with chairs, the tables, lanterns, a chest of drawers, wood-burning stove and much more! Shared bathroom facilities are a short walk from the tents.

Tour start and end location

The tour starts at 5:00 pm on the day of departure.  Guests will be picked up at the Glacier International Airport or the hotel of the guest’s choice near the airport.  Please get pre-approval for hotel pickup prior to booking your room if you plan to arrive early.

The tour ends at 1:00 pm on the final day.  Guests will be taken to the Glacier International Airport on the final day.  If guests choose to stay an extra day in Glacier National Park, please get pre-approval for hotel drop-off before booking your room.

If the guest is traveling from Bozeman Montana following a Yellowstone Tour or by saving money by flying in and out of Bozeman, the Expedition Cruiser will be departing Bozeman at 11:00 am. 

Small Groups

National Park Travel Club provides seating for 14 travelers aboard the Expedition Cruiser. Small groups give guests the ability to fully relax and not be rushed. The Expedition Cruiser gives travelers ample room to see the region with full views, space to relax, and the full attention from their guides. Fewer people equal more focus and less hassle.


The Red Bus Tour is included in the tour price but not mandatory.  If a guest chooses to not take the tour, your Tour Specialist will reduce the cost of the tour from your National Park Travel Club trip price.

What about hiking?

There are so many options for hiking and your Guide will be hosting multiple hikes and leisure hikes throughout the tour.  Guests can take advantage of the free and easy to use transit service if they want to venture out on their own.

Multi-Generational Travelers

National Park Travel Club provides travel solutions with multi-generational options. Activities are classified in our itineraries as Leisure, Adventure and Scenic.

Tour itineraries are built strategically to have a complete offering for all ages and activity levels. Some activities may not be of interest to some travelers, so they are not always included in the price of the tour. 

Luggage Handling

Included your all-inclusive tour is the porterage of luggage to and from your hotel room when arriving or departing.

The Expedition Cruiser

Remote destinations offer all kinds of challenges to even the most well-planned traveler. The sole purpose of the Expedition Cruiser is to provide a relaxing environment for each guest while offering the comforts that are not available on alternative modes of transportation. While the Expedition Cruiser may have many bells and whistles that are rarely used, it has the essential tools that enhance the wonders of the National Parks. Designed with the purpose of giving guests a complete small group experience while also catering to individual’s needs, the Expedition Cruiser boasts leather couches, two private lounges with seating up to eight, seating at tables, multiple central heating and air zones, full kitchen, hot and cold towel service, multiple charging stations for electronic devices, in-transit satellite television, wireless internet, closets for coats and bags, and a lavatory that has a flushing commode and hot water for washing your hands. 2020 motor coaches will also offer multiple six-way captain chairs that rotate degrees.

Our Staff, Drivers, Guides, Hospitality

Our drivers have pristine driving records and extensive technical knowledge of the motor coach, ensuring your safety and well-being during your trip.

Our Guides and Hospitality Crew are passionate about educating and sharing their experiences with our guests while prioritizing your comfort and individual needs above all else.

Banff National Parks

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